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    Chinese Education Equipment Exhibition Ends, and Huanshuo Shows its Extraordinary Talents

        With the support of company leaders and all the teachers & students, the 66th Education Equipment Exhibition ended perfectly in Kunming. Shanxi Huanshuo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. showed extraordinary talents in this exhibition with advantages of its products. 

        Huanshuo showed many smart education solutions in this exhibition, including course recorders, interactive classrooms, and education cloud platforms, in which interactive classrooms are most impressive. In addition to the computer and projection all-in-one (S-D4020), every teacher and student are equipped with a windows tablet computer of Huanshuo in interactive classrooms, which breaks the traditional teaching mode and wins the support of users, teachers, students, and leaders. Our staff carried on detailed explanations and demonstrations of products and invited visiting teachers and students to experience new interactive classrooms created by the smart education in person at the exhibition.

        The Education Equipment Association and Huicong net had a live interview with our company at the exhibition and reported many smart education solutions. Among lots of products on display, windows tablet computer series of Huanshuo got a lot of attention. With fashionable modular design, efficient running speed, and removable keyboard, this computer series was very popular among teachers and students. 

        In 2014, our company will promote windows tablet computers with the size of 10.1’’ and 11.6’’, which will make great contributions to the popularization of interactive classrooms, and the volume of sales is expected to reach 200,000.



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