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    Smart Education, We will Be with You

        The Chinese Education Equipment Exhibition has entered the climax stage. More than 100 enterprises expressed their intentions of cooperating with Huanshuo yesterday. The Chinese Education Equipment Exhibition is a brand exhibition which has wide and great influence, and can drive the development of industry and promote the communication of industry. The purpose of this exhibition is to strengthen the communication and cooperation between enterprises, share new education outcomes, raise the level of national education equipment, promote education modernization, and improve the modernization level of education equipment. This exhibition was held under the guidance of thoroughly studying and applying the spirit of the 18th session of the party central committee and the two sessions this year, with the goal of fully implementing the outline of national medium and long-term education reform and development. Thus, it has great significance.

        On April 25, Jiang Zhijie, CEO of Shanxi Huanshuo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was interviewed by Huicong net. During the interview, Mr Jiang introduced products his company brought to this exhibition and interactive classrooms & course recorder systems shown in this exhibition. He also made a brief introduction to Huanshuo’s final plan of the smart city as well as the architecture and layout of smart education cloud platforms.

        During this interview, Mr Jiang said that the concept of smart city was firstly raised by IBM. Many manufactures around the world invested heavily to develop the landmark project. Our company thinks that a smart city is to help the government to manage, optimize, serve, and raise people's daily life in a better way. In order to achieve these, we need to use Internet, Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data and other technical means, really collect, classify, analyze, integrate, and use massive data intelligently through sensing the end, and optimize the error-prone manpower analysis and execution process, so as to achieve high speed, high efficiency, and accuracy! Based on its development situation, Huanshuo firstly focuses on the smart education, then cooperates with the government, and creates unique projects (such as smart political affairs, smart medical treatment, and smart home) according to different areas and different needs.

        The education cloud platform is an important process of smart education, which is related to the information guide in the teaching and learning process of students and teachers, who are users of smart education. At present, cloud platforms have two kinds of architectures: one is cloud platform-aided teaching, and another is cloud platform-aided education. The former one uses the educational “cloud service” supported by “cloud computing” to build specialized information environment and improve teachers and students’ independent and interactive learning ability so as to realize the high sharing of education resources and promote students’ high-level thinking skills and collective intelligence; the later one uses cloud computing to support education activities, which mainly explores the application law of services provided by cloud computing in the education, and designs & manages education resources and teaching processes.

        Huanshuo has engaged in the education informatization for 15 years. According to needs and features of teachers in the teaching process, Huanshuo designs an interactive resource management platform which can integrate teaching and learning. This platform not only can provide massive data for teachers and students who are not in the same school or region to share with each other, but also has detailed and scientific classifications which can be used to manage resources and user information. This platform can truly realize the sharing of education resources and efficient school management.

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