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    Chinese Education Equipment Exhibition Officially Starts

        The Chinese Education Equipment Exhibition was officially launched today. Smart education created by Shanxi Huanshuo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. incorporates information technology into the national curriculum reform tide, which is based on Internet, Internet of Things, and cloud resources. Smart education solutions (such as interactive classrooms, education cloud platform, and course recording system) shown by our company at this 66th Education Equipment Exhibition are intended to solve the regional barrier problem of high quality education resources for teachers and students. With computer and projection all-in-ones (S-D4020), windows tablet computer series, and education cloud platforms designed by our company, we can realize the sharing of high quality education resources across schools, regions, and provinces & cities, and the real equality of education resources.

        Windows tablet computer series of Huanshuo whose sales volume is expected to reach 200,000 in 2014 got a lot of attention at this exhibition. This kind of tablet computer integrates fashionable modular design, adapts to users’ old operating habits, and has a lively colorful system and a removable keyboard, which brings users smooth and efficient experience. The fifth generation computer and projection all-in-one (S-D4020) will enter the market in 2014. Based on years of researching and users’ experience, the new product caters more to users’ using experience and feeling, and frees teachers from teachers’ desks thoroughly.

        Our company cooperated with ZTE Group (China’s Top 500) to build the smart city industrial park in January 2014, which covers many fields, such as smart political affairs, smart enterprises, smart people's livelihood, and smart education. The industrial park, covering an area of 1,000 mu, will gather a series of industrial chains including research, production, and sales and strive to become a smart industry center which can benefit the mid-west area.

        The purpose of our company is to be people-oriented and earnestly consider the needs of users. Making education smarter is to make people smarter. We look forward to your attention and thank you for your participation. Huanshuo's smart education is on the way.

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