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    National Agents Training Activity of Huanshuo Ends

        Shanxi Huanshuo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd held the 2014 agent (technical positions for service network) training activity from April 1–4 in 2014. Dozens of partners from 14 regions over the country took time out of their busy schedule to come here for study and communication. During this training, participants learned courses like Hardware and Software Operation and Use of All-in-ones, Introduction to Accessories of All-in-ones’ Electronic Components, Installation and Working Principle of All-in-ones, Fault analysis and Elimination, and Standardized On-site Service Process of Huanshuo’s Engineers. After 3 days’ learning and discussion from easy to difficult, participants deeply understood the working principle and operating method of the product and mastered common faults solutions.

        During the whole training process, all participants studied hard and practiced positively, which led to an active and harmonious atmosphere. An all-pass result was achieved in the final examination, which was the best feedback and recognition given to the training by the participants and fully demonstrated excellent qualities of Huanshuo’s partners.

        Since the establishment in 1998, Huanshuo Group has been committed to the development of the informatization of education integration. The independently developed all-in-one is recognized as the industry standard by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. In 2013, our company cooperated with ZTE Group (China’s Top 500) to create smart city construction plans, covering 19 fields, such as smart political affairs, smart enterprises, smart people's livelihood, and smart education. The two companies invested to build a smart city industrial park in Yuncheng which covers an area of 1,000 mu, and strives to become a industry center which can benefit the mid-west area. And a ZTE Huanshuo smart city (midwest) operating center will be built to form a complex of parks where gathers five correlative industries, that are cloud computing, education, medical treatment, Internet of Things, and environmental protection.

        All the achievements of Huanshuo today are due to the hard work of all agents. Partners of Huanshuo who always bring Huanshuo the latest fist-hand market information have been promoters, participants, and witness of the development of Huanshuo, and this is of great significance for the promotion of our company's strategic development. Trust and support of partners is an important driving force for the sustainable development of Huanshuo Group. Huanshuo will cooperate with all service providers in future development to create a brilliant tomorrow.

        Behaving honestly, working hard, cooperating well, and creating brilliant…Huanshuo will always stick to the principle of “working together and insisting win-win strategy”, take the market as the guidance, and take customers as the center. And we believe, with the understanding and support of all agents, Huanshuo will go farther in the future development.

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